About Federation 2: Community Edition

Federation 2: Community Edition (Fed or F2CE as it is sometimes known) has been around for a very long time in some form. You can read more about the history in the guide.

This latest instantiation is a volunteer-powered, 100% free (not even a way to give us money if you wanted to) space trading game.

If you want to go experience Fed, please just go play! To learn more about how to play the game, check out the guide.

If you want to know more about the volunteer group and our plans for Fed, please keep reading.

Federation 2 Community Team

The Federation 2 Community Team (F2CT) is a small group of people dedicated to keeping Fed online and running for both old and new players. Please contact us at support@federation2.com or use the contact us button above with questions or to express interest in helping.

So far we have

  • Gotten Fed up in a stable, reproducible way (on a dedicated AWS account), with both backup and recovery and automated deployment
  • Fixed key bugs, upgraded security and tweaked gameplay
  • Built a new website and guide as well as a simple web-based client to make it easy for new players to start
  • Made it easy for previous players to get their planets live again quickly

  • Next on the list

  • Use our stable build and deployment tooling to continue to fix bugs and tweak the game to maximize gameplay experience
  • Work on web and game improvements to make the new player experience even better
  • Formalize (at least somewhat) the F2CT structure to make sure Fed can be around for a long time.