Fed2 Community is a new galaxy. We're starting over, so you'll need to create new characters.

These new changes are live in Fed2 Community:

  • Fed2 Fast Start: halved the Commander ship loan, reduced the Captain hauler credit requirement,
    and cut the Adventurer Akaturi point requirement by two-thirds.
  • Technical modernizations, like securely encrypting your Fed2 password, allowing for longer
    passwords, and a more secure deployment.
  • SPYNET NOTICE is enabled by default. You can always type SPYNET NOTICE to toggle it.
    Acting with ACT will echo the text you send back to you, showing how you look to the room.
  • ...and more! You can type HELP CHANGES in-game to see an updated list of changes.


    Fed2 Community resets once a day at 1pm GMT, just like Federation 2. It should be
    back online by 1:05pm

    Slithies still buy you extras in Fed2 Community like teleporters and factory enhancements.
    Today you’ll earn 1 Slithy Tove every 5 days that you log into Fed2 Community. Days need not be consecutive. We’re exploring more ways to give away (and earn!) Slithies in-game.
    We will not be selling Slithies.

    To help populate Fed2 Community’s galaxy, we invite all Federation 2 planet owners to jump to Founder! We thank ibgames for sharing planet files even after Federation 2 closed.
    Please email ibgames and request your PLANET and SPACE maps as well as your INFRASTRUCTURE and EXCHANGE files, and make sure to CC support@federation2.com in your email. We will use your map and infrastructure files to restore your system with all builds intact. We'll promote you to a planet-owner rank appropriate for your system.
    If you’re interested in the Founder fast start, please promote your future planet-owner to Commander rank (and not beyond). That will assist us in promoting you to Founder.